Launching ProjectPantry

Posted 2010-01-22 15:29 under projects, projectpantry

I'm launching a new product on the web today. It's called ProjectPantry, and it's a project management tool I developed and have been using over the last few months with several people, to ease the pain of collaborating on projects.

ProjectPantry lets you set up a project, invite people to join, and then create wiki pages to develop ideas, upload and share files, log time against the project, and add events to a calendar.

The main reason for developing (the itch, as it were) was to get rid of the need to set up a new wiki for each project, since there are different people on each project. With ProjectPantry, any number of people can be added to a project, and each person can only see the projects they belong to.

It's free to join, with a maximum of 3 projects and 10MB file upload space for projects. Other membership levels will be added; for example, I'm thinking of unlimited projects, maximum 1 GB space across projects, for GBP 10 per month.

Please try it out and let me know what you think.

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