Data Visualization and the Web

Posted 2013-03-17 16:26 under visualization

People are very good at detecting patterns, if the data is presented to us visually. Here are a couple of recent examples where we have used visualization to help clients rapidly find patterns in data sets, leading to insights that would have been elusive using purely analytic approaches.

Last week, I received an GBP 60 parking violation ticket while parking at a museum, even though I paid for parking in advance and displayed my ticket on the dashboard as instructed. The charge is still being disputed, but the private parking company (PPC) involved has a good incentive to deny my appeal, however logical. That's because penalties can be hugely profitable for this unregulated industry. Let's look at the numbers.

We've just launched a new site at that allows you and others to enter any number of events with dates, then shows these events as a graphical timeline. You can superimpose several timelines on top of each other, to see how they relate. A previous blog post explains how this helped me to find some patterns in musical composition dates.

I've been working on a new timeline visualization tool that will be online soon. As a demo case, I have been using the composition dates of operas by three composers I happen to like: Bellini, Verdi, and Wagner. Looking at their production visually reveals some interesting patterns.

Visualizing your customer base

Posted 2010-01-19 14:09 under maps, visualization

For businesses built around a local community, understanding where your customers live can be useful, for helping to identify clusters of critical mass, as well as areas you need where you are under-represented and thus need to market more.

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