Data Analytics

We believe every data set contains a story, with clues about customers, markets, shifts in what is happening, and more. With so many directions a business can go in, it is important to read these clues, and understand any signposts hiding in your data. At Soundience, we are experienced and skilled in finding trends, relationships, and other patterns in your data, specializing in attractive and insightful visual presentation of results to make them real.

Approaches we use

We use a wide variety of approaches, usually in appropriate combinations, to yield insights:

Making sense of multiple data sources

We work with many sources of data, including company databases, public data sets, web server logs, customer service records, client billing records, or data collected from surveys.

We are experts at cleaning and combining data, to merge multiple data sets so that new relationships can be found. We often present the cleaned-up data in a navigable web interface, to help us and our clients explore the data.